1:00 PMET /17:00 GMT /19:00 CET
New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks
Stream 1
Stream 1
Stream 1
Stream 1

3:30 PMET /19:30 GMT /21:30 CET
Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Lakers
Stream 1
Stream 1
Stream 1
Stream 1
Stream 1

6:00 PMET /22:00 GMT /00:00 CET
Sacramento Kings vs Charlotte Bobcats
Stream 1

Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat
Stream 1
Stream 1
Stream 1

Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons
Stream 1

7:00 PMET /23:00 GMT /01:00 CET
Cleveland Cavaliers vs San Antonio Spurs
Stream 1

Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves
Stream 1

8:00 PMET /00:00 GMT /02:00 CET
Orlando Magic vs Denver Nuggets
Stream 1

9:30 PMET /01:30 GMT /03:30 CET
New Orleans Hornets vs Los Angeles Clippers
Stream 1
Stream 1
Stream 1

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NBA 2011-2012 Preseason Continues... Wednesday Schedule of Games

As the NBA 2011-2012 preseason continues we will be having 8 games today. First to be playing is the Miami Heat against the Orlando Magic at 7:00pm EST. On their last encounter Miami Heat won by a wide margin courtesy of its key players Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. Today Orlando Magic will gonna try to salvage a win and even the series to boost the team morale going to the regular season that will gonna start on Dec. 25. At 7:30pm EST Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics will face Toronto Raptors which they have defeated via a slim margin of 1 point only. The game was very close until the final buzzer. Paul Pierce didn't play on that game but Rajon Rondo provided a strong leadership and makes all his team mate involve by dishing out 8 assists.

Team that I am sure we need to keep on watch also is the New York Knicks which I think will be 1 of the playoffs contender after the regular season ends. After acquiring Tyson Chandler Knicks solidify its defense and allowing Amare to play on its usual role as a power forward. Last year Knicks got into the playoffs but lost because they don't have a legit center by that time. Another team to watch today is the Minnesota Timberwolves which consists mostly of younger but skillful players. The team (timberwolves) is also 1 of my bet to enter the playoff this season because of the complete lineup that they have. Kevin Love last years rebound leader will get a support aside from Michael Beasley on their first round 2nd draftee Derrick Williams. Aside from Williams they also acquired Spanish superstar Ricky Rubio and Puerto Rico's JJ Barrea.

Other teams that will play today are Memphis Grizzlies against New Orleans Hornets; Houston Rockets vs SA Spurs; Portland Trail Blazers vs Utah Jazz and LA Lakers vs LA Clippers. LA Lakers last time lost to Clippers via a wide margin also. Kobe Bryant doesn;t get much support from the team aside from Pau Gasol but the their bench is very shallow. That is why going on the 2011-2012 Regular season I have this doubt if the Lakers could make it to the playoff. If Bryant be able to get a support from his teammates then they can pull it off. But today playing against Clippers I think they will gonna have a hard time. Chris Paul proves last time that he can still win a game and with the aid of Chauncey Billups, Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan the 2011-2012 playoff is not that hard to achieve.

Today's NBA Schedule is as follows:

7:00 PM/00:00 GMT/01:00 CET
Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic - Live Now

7:30 PM/00:30 GMT/01:30 CET
Toronto Raptors vs Boston Celtics - Live Now
New Jersey Nets vs New York Knicks - Live Now

8:00 PM/01:00 GMT/02:00 CET
Minnesota Timberwolves vs Milwaukee Bucks - stay tuned game doesn't start yet
Memphis Grizzlies vs New Orleans Hornets - stay tuned game doesn't start yet

8:30 PM/01:30 GMT/02:30 CET
Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs - stay tuned game doesn't start yet

9:00 PM/02:00 GMT/03:00 CET
Portland Trail Blazers vs Utah Jazz - stay tuned game doesn't start yet

10:30 PM/03:30 GMT/04:30 CET
Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers - Live Now

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Premiere League Schedule 12-21-11

Another day for our very well known tournament worldwide. Englands Premiere League already captures so many fans around world with there superb skills in playing the game called football. Today we have 7 matches that will be playing and we will try to bring each of this tournament to you live. Watch as your favorite team compete with their opponent as they try to gain a football supremacy worldwide.

Watch Football Live

Today game includes the following:

19:45 CET- English Premier League
Aston Villa - Arsenal
Manchester City - Stoke City
Newcastle United - West Bromwich Albion

20:00 CET - English Premier League
Everton - Swansea City
Fulham - Manchester United
Queens Park Rangers - Sunderland
Wigan Athletic - Liverpool

Tuesday NBA 2011-2012 Preseason Games

Today December 20, 6 NBA game will be played simultaneously from different basketball arena. As we all know preseason games are made in order for newly acquired player of a team to become familiar or to be able to suit on their current team. This will allow them to familiarize with the teams offense and defense, know how each other players play and develop camaraderie with his new teammates.

First game today will gonna feature Washington Wizard against Philadelphia 76er's. Wizards is lead by their last years rookie of the year John Wall which on their first game scored only 6 points and gave in 3 assist. And they eventually lost to 76er's lead by Elton Brand with a 25 point lead advantage for a 103-78 final score. Wizard vs 76er's tip off is at 7:00pm EST.

Another game today is Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Cavaliers. Cavaliers came off a win against Pistons last Friday with Rookie Kyrie Irving topped in scoring with 21 points. At 8:00pm EST Indiana Pacers will go against Chicago Bulls who defeated them last Friday with a 9 point lead. Pacers will gonna try to even the game today. Along with Pacers vs Bulls, Dallas will also try to snatch a game against OKC Thunder lead by Kevin Durant. Last outing Dirk Nowitzki didn't play the entire game but we'll see if the coach will put him in today to help his team even the series with the Thunder.

Other team to watch today are Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets at 9:00pm EST and the Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings. Watch all this game live today through your computers, laptops or mobile gadgets all for free. Preseason games don't have a weigh going to the NBA playoffs but it gives chance for the team to remove the rust on their offense and defense brought by 6 months NBA lockout.

Today's NBA Preseason Schedule:

7:00 PM/00:00 GMT/01:00 CET
Washington Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers
Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Cavaliers

8:00 PM/01:00 GMT/02:00 CET
Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunder
Indiana Pacers vs Chicago Bulls

9:00 PM/02:00 GMT/03:00 CET
Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets

10:00 PM/03:00 GMT/04:00 CET
Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings

Premiere League Today Dec. 20, 2011

Blackburn Rovers vs Bolton Wanderers

On the ongoing English Premiere League Bolton Wanderers lost 13 of its 16 games already but still they don;t want to be on the bottom of the standing and will try to win against Blackburn Rovers. Owen Coyle says that he admitted that the defeats leading to Boston relegation showdonw against Rovers have been killing him inside already.

Winning against Blackburn today is the biggest game for the Wanderers this season for it will be a turning point for the team since their next two games will at their home against Newcastle united and Wolves. Coyle says that he is positive that they can win today game against Bolton.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Norwich City live stream free watch online tv Barclays Premier League Tuesday, December 20, 2011. Watch live Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Norwich City stream online free at here. The video appear above, Here at Daily Sports Events we make it possible for you to watch Live Sports Broadcasts from all over the world completely free including Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Norwich City. Share this links with your friend with facebook, twitter or others media and don't miss to bookmark sports web tv.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Norwich City


Competition:Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Norwich City
Date: Tuesday, December 20
Time:19:45 GMT
venue:Molineux Stadium
Status: live

Monday, December 19, 2011

Billups, Paul combined for 40 points to lead the Clippers over the Lakers

Chauncey Billups scored 23 points and Chris Paul added 17 for a combined 40 point that lead them to win against LA Lakers on the on going preseason tournament. Going into the 2nd half Clippers is only ahead by 5 points 50-55 butat the start of the 3rd quarter Paul and Billups rallied and the Clippers never looked back up to the final buzzer.

image owned by nba.com

Kobe Bryant tried to bring the team up and is looking superb but with a little help from bench they couldn't get the things going with their offense. Bryant finished with 22 points with Bynum and P. Gasol chipped in 15 and 16 points respectively.

Final score is LA Clippers 114 - LA Lakers 95.

LA Clippers
Chauncey Billups - 23 pts, Chris Paul - 17 pts 9 asts, Blake Griffin - 12 pts

LA Lakers
Kobe Bryant - 22 pts, Paul Gasol - 17 pts, Andrew Bynum-16pts 15 rebs

NBA 2011-2012 Preseason Game: Clippers vs Lakers

LA Lakers will be facing the LA Clippers later today with Clippers parading its newly acquired superstar Chris Paul. Before the lockout ends their are rumors that Paul will go to Lakers but the trade doesn't materialize because David Stern NBA Commissioner blocked the trade. So Chris Paul went on the Clippers and now in tandem with 2010-2011 slam dunk champion Blake Griffin. Many says that Clippers will be able to made it to the playoff this season with Chris Paul on the team and Lakers will go down because Kobe Bryant is lacking some backup to be able to reach the playoff spot. But all I can say is "Let's wait and see".

Today we will also witness 2 other teams that will compete this preseason tournament. They are the Atlanta Hawks against the Charlotte Bobcats and Utah Jazz vs Portland Trail Blazers. Hawks has been on the playoff last season but was defeated by Chicago Bulls on game 6.

Schedule for today below:

7:00 PM/00:00 GMT/01:00 CET
Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Bobcats

10:00 PM/03:00 GMT/04:00 CET
Utah Jazz vs Portland Trail Blazers

10:30 PM/03:30 GMT/04:30 CET
Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miami Heat rips off Orlando Magic 118-85

image courtesy of NBA.com

Miami Heat lead by Lebron James got a very wide margin of 33 points against Orlando Magic. On the first half of the game Wade is taking over the Heat until the 2nd half where James gives his contribution that give way for the Heat to extend their lead. Magics center Dwight Howard didn't do much damage giving only 5 points and 6 rebounds. James lead the scoring with 19 points and 6 rebounds. Chris Bosh 14 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks. Terrel Harris 16 points and 4 rebounds. Dwyane Wade 14 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. Udonis Haslem 11 points and 9 rebounds. Norris Cole 8 points and 8 assists.

NBA on Sunday: 2011-2012 PreSeason Continues

This Sunday Dec. 18 we will be having 3 great games to watch. The first team that we will be watching is the Boston Celtics going up against the Toronto Raptors. Celtics is on the playoff last season but was eliminated by its rival Miami Heat lead by Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. However on that playoff Rajon Rondo the main guard of Celtics injured his left shoulder. So I am looking for another great year for this team if no injuries will hinder their superstars with the like of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnet and Rajon Rondo. These players are key factor for the team to reach the playoff again.

Next game we have Miami Heat battles against Howard-less Orlando Magic. I am predicting an easy win for the Heat today. Nobody can stop the Big 3 of the Heat namely Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Orlando Magic meanwhile will just rely to Richardson and Torkoglu to lift the team up.

Last game today is the 2010-2011 NBA Finals Champion Dallas Mavericks going against Oklahoma City Thunder lead by Kevin Durant. Dallas a we know acquired Lamar Odom from LA Lakers but lost its important players who helped them win a championship last year. We know that JJ Barea is now at Timberwolves and had played a solid game yesterday against the Bucks. They also lost Chandler which is their main weapon last season to gather rebounds.

You might be thinking what I am talking about scanning the whole article to be able to get the streaming links that you have been badly needed. Below here is this Sunday's NBA Preseason game and a link to where you can see you favorite team played online.

Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors

6:00 PM/23:00 GMT/00:00 CET
Orlando Magic vs Miami Heat

7:30 PM/00:30 GMT/01:30 CET
Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks